@beedenft Collaboration

The @beedenft collaboration features two common NFTs: one greyscale piece of art and a gradient “utility swatch.” Blend them to form a rare, full color version. Blend all three to redeem an even rarer black label version.

@beedenft Collaboration


Learn more about @beedenft and their amazing piece featured in this collaboration.


Please introduce yourself to our readers:

Hey, my name’s B and I’m from the UK. The BeeDen project is a series of stylised Bee collectibles, Buzzing around WAX and ETH. Inspired by different themes such as Nature and Sci-fi.

What was the inspiration for this piece?

I wanted to do something fun for Spooky Season!

How long have you been creating in the digital realm?

I have enjoyed creating digital art for a few years now just as a hobby but started creating the Bees this year (2022). The first drop, Bumble, was released in July.

Can you tell us about your workflow?

I use Blender on an ASUS Laptop for 3D and Procreate on an iPad Pro for 2D.

Who are your artistic influences?

I feel when creating the Bees, I am more influenced by things such as Nature, Science, Mythology and Horror. Though, it was both CREEK and ETH artist Trym Ruud, who inspired me to start creating my own 3D Digital Collectibles.

What got you interested in NFTs/Crypto Art/Digital Collectibles?

Funko Digital Pops made me see how NFTs can be fun and somewhat addictive collectibles and that’s what got me interested in NFTs.

Where can we find you online

Anything else you’d like to share?

Please keep an eye on our socials for some Spooktacular Bee Frens dropping throughout the rest of October. Also, Thank You Crypto Swatch for this great opportunity to collaborate with you!

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